Global Onboard Partners (GOBP) is a leader in providing innovative ancillary revenue advertising and media solutions for the Airline Industry and has been accomplishing this for over 11 years. GOBP’s established business is the placement of its unique, patented, FAA and EASA certified graphic advertising material that can be placed in nearly any location inside the aircraft, far beyond the standard tray table advertising.

After several years of technological development, GOBP, in coordination with our Airline Partners, has now launched Global Destination Explore (GDE), an interactive destination city exploration program integrated into the Inflight Entertainment systems of our Airline Partner’s aircraft. GDE was created to be a relevant and entertaining media experience for travelers, and a highly targeted and data rich platform for Advertising Sponsors and Agencies across the globe in the Hospitality, Dining, and Entertainment industries.

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Global Destination Explorer (GDE) was created with the support and input of some of the world’s largest and most respected Airlines to provide passengers with new and unique content that encourages them to explore the destinations served within each Airline’s flight network.

The unique part of GDE is that only hotel, restaurant, and attraction sponsors are allowed to present their venue in any one of the cities presented to passengers on the entertainment platform. Sponsors will be able to showcase their brand by providing an interactive digital microsite that can include pictures, videos, reviews, menus, coupons, and in many instances even provide them with the opportunity to book or make a reservation while exploring their site.

This program is offered to our Sponsors at a rate of up to 70% less than traditional static ads previously available in the inflight magazine. Now all Sponsors can be a part of Inflight Entertainment and reach on-the-go passengers in this distraction free environment at a fraction of the cost of any other media.

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  • Access GDE: ON THE PLANE
  • Access GDE: AT HOME


Because Global Destination Explorer (GDE) is web based, the world can now be explored onboard the aircraft, between flights at the airport and at your office, home, or hotel…virtually anywhere before, during, or after your flight!

Save coupons, discounts, or information about hotels, restaurants, or attractions to your smart device at any time with no need to provide any personal information, or sign up for special programs.

Passengers can log on anytime…anywhere to explore hotels, restaurants, and attractions in cities across your airline’s network, and win amazing prizes that can be redeemed during your flight, or in one of the cities premiered on your airline’s Global Destination Explorer platform!

Prizes include free drinks during your flight, airline loyalty points, and free or discounted hotel stays, dinners at the best restaurants, and entrance into some of the world’s best attractions!




Unique Inflight Entertainment (IFE) Content - Opportunities for Brands and Sponsors

Global Onboard Partners develops, implements, and manages unique inflight entertainment content designed to encourage passengers to log onto the Inflight Entertainment (IFE) system and explore.

Sponsors and brands are provided with the unique opportunity to present their brand or venue to passengers in one of the last distraction-free environments in the world.

Global Onboard Partners can assist Sponsors with the development of their Microsites to ensure their message is effective in reaching passengers during their flight.

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IFE(Connectivity) Systems

We can install and implement a complete Inflight Entertainment (IFE) System that allows for our Airline Partners to provide entertainment content and programming to their passengers, within 90 days on their entire fleet. With the support of our hardware partners, this system can be a complete portable system, or we can implement a bridge that allows for our Airline Partner to transform its Inflight Entertainment from a portable IFE to a professional embedded system over an approved period of time. The complete IFE program can be implemented and installed at NO COST to our Airline Partners by deducting the fees for the hardware from the revenue generated from our unique content and Ancillary programs.


Proprietary Graphic Material Educates Passengers

Global Onboard Partners has developed a patented, unique graphic material that can be adhered almost anywhere inside commercial aircraft.

Sponsors and National and International Brands can utilize this media space to promote their brands, or educate passengers on how to quickly log onto the Inflight Entertainment system, explore unique content, win prizes, and enhance their inflight experience.

Sponsors and Brands can also create and launch unique media campaigns inside the aircraft of many of our Airline Partners using this proprietary graphic technology.




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