Press Release: Airberlin has partnered up with Global Onboard for tray tables as their new on-board advertising space

The human brain processes thousands of pieces of information every day. In order for a brand message to be retained by a target group, it is important to make the message direct and emotive. With the release of its new Media Catalogue 2016, airberlin is now offering advertisers an even broader spectrum of ambient media advertising. As a particular highlight, airberlin, in partnership with the world’s biggest provider of aircraft advertising space, Global Onboard Partners, will be the first German airline to introduce adhesive advertising displays on aircraft tray tables. On a flight lasting at least 40 minutes, and up to a maximum of five hours, this new medium allows advertisers to benefit from a uniquely intense level of contact with the passenger. From September 2015, tray table advertising will be available on 40 of airberlin’s Airbus A319, A320 and A321 aircraft. Each month, around 800,000 airberlin guests Europe-wide will be reachable via this new form of advertising. The cost of table branding starts at 5,360 euros a month per aircraft, plus production costs.

“airberlin is a modern airline with one of the newest fleets in Europe. In advertising, too, we rely on innovation. We are the first German airline to use Global Onboard Partners technology, which will allow us to offer the tray tables on our aircraft as advertising space. According to a market research study, this form of advertising generates an unprompted recall rate of 79 percent among flight guests”, says André Rahn, airberlin’s Senior Vice President Marketing.

“Through our partnership with airberlin we are now able to offer our German and international customers across the DACH region the opportunity to present their products and services effectively. The high dwell time on the aircraft significantly increases the passengers’ intent to purchase”, reveals Christian Szabo, Managing Partner at Global Onboard Partners Europe GmbH.

Ambient media advertising is available throughout the entire journey and is designed around the points of contact with the guests – from booking, through to check-in at the airport, right up to the flight and the service on board. Included in the portfolio are on-board sampling, boarding passes issued at the desk or printed at home, window branding or aircraft livery. The various advertising methods enable messages to be directed at specific target groups among airberlin’s 31 million annual guests.

Further information is available at, and the new Media Catalogue can be ordered by e-mail at

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