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Here are global advertisers taking part in our in-flight on
board advertising programs

what we can offer

With Global Onboard Partner’s graphic and streaming technology, an advertiser can brand premium locations on the interior of the cabin using eye-popping graphic imagery and key messages that are in passengers’ view on average of 2.5 hours!  Graphics in these premium locations entice passengers to stream, free of charge, for an engaging and positive experience.



Studies show that nearly 93% of all passengers who are presented with creative imagery during flight are easily able to recall the brand and message.

typical demographic

A sample of Spirit Airlines demographic chart.


Average age:  25-54
Mix of families and singles


Skews female
Household purchase decision makers


Ethnically diverse customer base


Leisure travelers with disposable income
Business traveler 


Adventure seeking and loves travel
The average passenger flies multiple times a year

Income / Education

Household income $100K+
College graduates who own homes

increased dwell timeCREATES INCREASED RECALL

Detailed ad recall is six times higher (86% vs. 14%) after high dwell time and brand recall is 14 times higher (93% vs. 7%) after high dwell time versus low dwell time.

In addition, people viewing ads with high dwell are more likely to be motivated by the ad. Positive dwell time effect is even greater among target/prospective consumers.

High dwell time allows for a greater depth of engagement, greater levels of ad/brand/message recall and retention, and higher levels of motivation and brand empathy.